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Hello, and welcome to Markedly Montessori!

My name is Chelsea, and I’m a wife, a mother, and an AMI trained Montessori Guide.  I have spent the last seven years working with children ages 2.5-6 as an assistant in a Primary Montessori classroom, but my training is actually with the Assistants to Infancy (0-3 years) age group.

I love seeing what the children are able to do in the classroom, but I was drawn to the A to I training because of how much can be done in the home at this age. So much of “Montessori parenting” is simply adopting the Montessori philosophy and implementing it in the home in practical, real-life ways, and I thought I would share a little bit of what that might look like.

Now, I am by no means the be all, end all of what Montessori in the home looks like. I don’t have all the answers, but if you’re curious about some of the aspects of a Montessori parenting style, I might be able to provide a little insight. So, take a look around, feel free to ask any questions, and I hope you enjoy this peek into life as a Montessorian!